Echoes of the Past


Echoes Quests are eLearning programmes for trainees involved in VET, pupils and students presenting exercises on different aspects of working with post-industrial landscapes in schools and colleges or in workplace based training.

VET trainers or teachers can register in order to get access to training notes on each Echoes Quest. Click the “Teacher” button and register.

Teachers and trainers who have completed a training period will be allowed to publish their own Echoes Quests. Click here to find out more
Echoes Quests eLearning modules give detailed exercises for trainers wishing to incorporate the material into their programmes or after a period of instruction create their own app following a similar theme. The Echoes Quest will be created in Portuguese, German, Swedish and English. Click on the flag to find quests in each language.

The Teaching material allows the trainer or teacher answer such questions as: What are the trainees doing? Why are they doing it? What do we expect them to get out of it? It gives the trainer or teacher a step by step description of the training process supported by videos, documents and web links. An assessment framework is also supplied.

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