Echoes of the Past


The dissemination strategy will promote an open access to projects deliverables and products through a range of activities including reports, publications, e-learning material and other resources in order to:

  • Set the bases on education and training in post-industrial heritage and landscapes and raise awareness of the necessity of methodologies and educational material in such specific area.
  • Set methodologies and practical educational resources that will orient the individual in the target groups to gain the competence and skills in cultural heritage education.
  • Create s better understanding between formal, non-formal education, vocation and training, other forms of learning and labour market in the specific theme of the project.
  • Increase the number of users of the materials and create a ripple effect whereby one user, regardless of the target groups’ needs, becomes confident in using the material and develops successful ways of implementing it and then pass this on to colleagues and shares ideas to stimulate confidence and growth in this area.
  • Increase teaching practices using the intrinsic and extrinsic value of post-industrial heritage site on transversal educational programmes that will cross important matters on local communities.
  • Contribute to the debate about the use of post-industrial heritage sites for regeneration through cultural institutions, also allowing a comparison about the different development of this issue in several national contexts.
  • Extend the impact of the project beyond its lifetime through the partners’ networks and on-going programmes of training and professional development.

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