Echoes of the Past


The project “Echoes of the Past – Heritage Futures. Vocational Educational and Training in Post-industrial Landscapes” (ECHOES) highlights the need for high quality vocational training in areas of post-industrial decline, often associated with high unemployment and social problems. Such areas specifically need new and fresh ways of looking at the opportunities the physical environment provides, within the context of finding employment and on-the-job training.

The project is dived into two parts; the first part of the project focuses on training materials and courses for training professionals (VET PROVIDERS) working with or in post-industrial landscapes, with reference to the culture and heritage sector; the second part of the project focuses on on-line training material where employees, vocational education and VETPROS can get access to high quality vocational educational training material for the target groups.

High quality vocational learning through specific training courses, educational material and case studied is an under supported and underused area of training. The project allows VETRPOS in a simple, effective and cost effective way to support both professionals working in the sector without specific educational skills and adults and young people aiming to re-skill, allowing them to train in simple tasks that would otherwise be prohibited due to time and costs.

At the same time, VETRPOS will receive training on the use of post-industrial landscapes as a resource in their work. The context for the training is the cultural, heritage, tourism and creative sectors, which offer great expansion opportunities for professional developments of staff.

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