Echoes of the Past


Portalegre is a Portuguese city in Northern Alentejo with a strong industrial tradition. The Fundação Robinson (Robinson Foundation), public institution with private law, head-quartered in Portalegre, aims to carry out cultural, educational, social, and scientific activities, and may also act within the field of sports and philanthropy. It has as its specific objective the preservation of cultural heritage: of the archaeological-industrial estate of Robinson Factory and whatever other estates with which it may be entrusted.

Classified as “Set of Public Interest” on the 24th of December by the ordinance No. 740-DX / 2012 of the Portuguese Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage (DGPC) the Robinson Space integrates two important historical buildings: the Convent of San Francisco, which originated in the thirteenth century and the Factory Robinson from the nineteenth century. The rehabilitation project which started in 2005, under the responsibility of the architecture consortium led by Eduardo Souto de Moura e Graça Correia, foresees the valorisation of this important heritage site with the objective of converting it in to a public space for cultural fruition at the service of the local community, promoter of education, knowledge, innovation, entrepreneurship and social well-being.


Célia Gonçalves Tavares
Tel: +351 245 307 532
February 19, 2016


  1. says:

    A Fabrica Robinson foi fundada em 1848 por uma familia inglesa que marcou de a historia recente de Portalegre.

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